CryptoEddies is an 100% on-chain experimental NFT character project with unique functionality, inspired by retro Japanese RPGs.

by eddietree

3500/3500 minted on Aug 23, 2022!




CryptoEddies are 100% on-chain and fully decentralized on Ethereum (mainnet), including all the character art and functionality. Each NFT starts with 5 HP:


Reroll your CryptoEddie to randomize its visuals and character stats. Each reroll causes -1 HP damage!


When you transfer or sell your CryptoEddie, it will take -1 HP damage during transit. Ouch!


When your CryptoEddie reaches 0 HP, a soulbound Ghost NFT will be airdropped, haunting your wallet forever.



No roadmap, no promises, just a bunch of CryptoEddies excited to nest up in your Ethereum wallet.

Is the smart contract using ERC721A?

Yes! We've implemented Azuki's ERC721A standard into CryptoEddie's smart contract on Ethereum mainnet. ERC721A provides significant gas savings when minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction. Learn more about ERC721A here.

Is the art 100% on-chain?

Yes! We designed an on-chain renderer that generates the character's pixel-art portrait from its traits via a custom bytecode interpretter on the smart contract. Since it is all on-chain, there is zero reliance on any centralized image hosting service, IPFS or Arweave. This means your CryptoEddie will exist forever on the Ethereum (Mainnet) network!

What's special about its on-chain renderer?

We developed a special tool that converts Photoshop PSD layers into Solidity bytecode. Our smart contract's renderer intreprets the bytecode and draws pixels onto a lossless SVG (on demand). All this freakin work to make sure your CryptoEddies are completely on-chain and decentralized! (Rendering tech inspired by Arbibots)

How does HP work?

Each newly minted CryptoEddie is born with 5 HP and randomized visuals/stats. You can choose to reroll its visuals/stats anytime at the cost of your CryptoEddie taking -1 HP damage. Your CryptoEddie will also take -1 HP damage when it's transferred or sold (due to mishandled shipping & handling)!

How does rerolling work?

You can reroll your CryptoEddie anytime as long as your character has at least one HP. Upon reroll, your CryptoEddie's visuals, traits, and stats will be completely randomized, taking -1 HP damage. To reroll, you can simply use login to your account and select any CryptoEddie. Make sure to refresh metadata on Opensea after you reroll to reveal its new character image/stats.

What happens when my CryptoEddie reaches 0 HP?

Upon 0 HP, a new Soulbound Ghost NFT will be airdropped directly into your wallet to memorialze your dead CryptoEddie, RIP. That Ghost NFT is "soulbound" forever onto your wallet, which means that the Ghost is non-transferable, non-sellable and non-burnable. Your original CryptoEddie remains unchanged and you can still freely transfer/sell your CryptoEddie, however you cannot reroll at 0 HP.

How do I see how much HP I have?

Each character's HP can be viewed on their token's traits section on OpenSea. Since OpenSea sometimes caches the img+metadata, you might need to force refresh on the metadata to be able to see the most updated HP value. You can also accurately view your character's HP via etherscan by querying the "getHP" function.

How many possible variations of CryptoEddies?

There are roughly 21.4 million possible variations of CryptoEddies spread across multiple traits, with varying degrees of rarities. Each CryptoEddie's randomized traits are calculated by hashing the blockhash with the tokenId to produce a pseudo-random seed.

What do all the character stats do?

Besides the HP, the rest of the stats are just purely for fun. Feel free to use or intrepret those stats however you wish!

What are the licensing terms?

CryptoEddies are licensed under the "CC0 license", meaning anyone can use CryptoEddies however they'd like (personally or commercially) without having to worry about copyright infringement.

Is it true Steve Aoki cannot mint?

Yes, Mr. Aoki is blocked (on-chain via the smart contract) from minting a CryptoEddie. We did this to ensure that your bags are safu. (Special thanks to cygaar)

Who is this "Eddie" dude?

Eddie Lee is a giga-doxxed developer and Founder of the indie game studio Funktronic Labs. Eddie's experience spans across generative art, 3d computer graphics, game design and Solidity development. You can see more of Eddie's works in his personal portfolio.

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